Advantages and disadvantages of Internet

By | February 20, 2012

Advantages and disadvantages of Internet: Internet is the best innovation ever we have on this planet earth. All other innovation may have changed our way of living but Internet changed the way we think, it changed the way to see the world. Let’s talk little about internet history first, there were some earlier networking technologies present in late 1960, like APRANET. This technology was grown in next decade. In 1982 when the TCP/IP protocol standards had been set, Internetworking aka Internet started its journey. In mid 1990 internet made such a huge impact on world, new technologies has been introduced to world like e mails, instant messaging, www – World Wide Web, forums, social networks, VoIP – Voice over internet protocol, e-commerce. Now Internet is used in all kind of businesses, nowadays it’s a backbone of almost any business. We can see some businesses which are completely based on this technology.

Advantages of Internet

To start with we know basic things like email, instant messaging – chat, forums and communities are given by this technology. Let’s talk about some modern life benefits of internet.

1)    Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing are the giant search engines who changed the knowledge quotient of millions, you can search for anything you want to know.  Google is dominating all in this race, because it really delivers the quality results.

2)    Online Education:  We can access millions of websites, documents, research information to increase our knowledge. A lots of businesses in online education sector  provide variety of services like distance education, online universities, educational websites like CBeebies, Khan academy etc. At present there will be more than 100’s of educational services present over internet which will help you in doing your homework to even have MBA degree. In my opinion this one the best importance of Internet

3)    Social Networking: In old days only clubs and family – friend meetings, get together were form of social networking. Now you can be connected to any person over world through these social networking sites. There is no guess that Facebook is the best social networking site we have so far.

4)    Recourse sharing: Now you can share videos, PDF files, PPT files, Images, Music over Internet so that rest of world can see, shares, and use your data. YouTube, Scribd, SlideShare are some of such examples.

5)    Remote Access:  You can access any remote computer or desktop from any part of world. With help of VPN technology you can work on the one of client’s server from any part of world. You don’t need to visit that place physically to work on that server.  Most of the Remote support businesses work on this technology. Softwares like TeamViewer, TightVNC, Putty are example of this technology.

6)    E-commerce, www, content management, blogs, online advertising (Google Adsense), online stores, online reservation these just few such technologies or application that works on Internet.

This is man’s history that anything made for good is utilized for bad too. As we saw benefits of internet, it can be used for bad purpose too.

Disadvantages of Internet

1)    Child Pornography: These days, under age children are crazy about pornographic stuff. Recently Google told that India and Pakistan are two top most countries searching term SEX and related terms in Google search engine.

2)    Online Gambling: These also debatable that online gambling is one of misuse of Internet. Like all other business internet is also used by gambling businesses.

3)    Internet addiction: Some peoples get addicted to Internet, they spend most of their time over internet, they surf internet form office. Presently Facebook is an addiction, online gaming sites also can addictive. This is not always bad but still depends on motive of using the internet.

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